Family Life


    The Family Life Committee of Holy Spirit Parish was established in September of 2018. Our vision is to:
    “ . . . invite all to feel welcomed and cherished as members of our parish family, and to deepen our connections through ministries of compassion, small group gatherings and fellowship events that reflect the love of  Christ.”
    Pope Francis reminds us that it is a gift and a privilege to be part of a family and that God intends the family – whether our personal family or our parish family – to be a school of love: a place to witness to and model a deep and abiding faith; a place to learn patterns of healthy Christian engagement that demonstrate gratitude, patience, thoughtfulness, forgiveness and joy. Through our family life together, we hope to strengthen, support and encourage your particular family even as we grow in faith, hope and charity as a parish family. We are delighted to have you share in this journey with us!